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Brand Identity: The Importance of Straplines

What is a strapline and why should you bother?

A strapline, also known as a slogan or tagline, is a few words or phrase that personifies your brand.

Being concise and precise is crucial for an effective strapline. A strapline should be short and sweet. Ideally something memorable that triggers an emotion and links to the brand. It is easy to remember for the consumer and if the person identifies with it, can create brand loyalty. A well thought out strapline increases brand recognition and enhances the values of the brand.

An effective strapline:

  • Differentiates your brand from your competitors
  • Is memorable and gives personality to your brand
  • Increases brand recognition and brand loyalty

The brand must of course deliver what the strapline promises to do and must fit with the brand to be of any value.

In order to be memorable, it is recommended that a strapline be short such as Sky’s ‘Believe in Better’ or McDonald’s ‘Lovin’ It’. There are exceptions to the rule however usually for brands that have a healthy advertising budget, as in ‘Good things come to those who wait’ for a Guiness. Although a lengthy strapline, it epitomises the brand and is reinforced by stunning TV commercials.

Nike’s renowned ‘Just Do It’ is a successful strapline the company has been using for many years and below are a few more examples:

BA – To Fly to Serve
Sky – Believe in Better
L’Oreal – Because you’re worth it
MacDonald’s – Lovin’ It
Rolex – A crown for every achievement
Nike – Just do it!
Kit Kat – Have a break, have a Kit Kat
Yellow Pages – Let your fingers do the walking
Financial Times – No FT, No Comment
Tesco – Every Little Helps
Guinness – Good things come to those who wait
Thomas Cook – Don’t just book it. Thomas Cook it
Amex – Don’t leave home without it
HSBC – The world’s local bank
KFC – Finger lickin’ good
Avis – We try harder

We would love to hear from you on your all time favourites!

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