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Super Bowl Ad Kick Off: Matthew Broderick’s Day Off

It’s that time of year again when advertising agencies vie for supremacy during the all important Super Bowl 2012!

Several commercials have been released for preview and our favourite has to be the new Honda ad by Santa Monica ad agency RPA, featuring Matthew Broderick as himself, imitating his well-loved character Ferris Beuller in the 80’s classic ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’.

The ‘Matthew Broderick’s Day Off’ ad has viewers follow Matthew as he calls in sick to work, ‘how can I handle work on a day like today’ and ‘one of the worst performances of my career and he never doubted it for a second’.

The updated version has Broderick trading in his 1961 Ferrari for a new 2012 Honda CR-V. There are clear references to the movie including a valet calling ‘Broderick, Broderick’ in a monotone voice, as well as close encounters where Broderick is almost caught, all set to the original song choice ‘Oh Yeah’ by band Yello.

The commercial has over two dozen references to the original movie and is sure to bring back good memories for those of us who enjoyed the 80’s flick.

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