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Dining Room

  • You’re very detail oriented and some would even say ‘fussy’ or ‘prissy’.
  • You have very rigid ideas about what is right and wrong – everything is black or white, there are no grey areas as far as your concerned.
  • You’re a hard worker and like to have clear tasks and objectives.
  • You take pleasure in achieving the goals you are set and are happy to take orders from people who have good leadership skills.
  • You don’t have much regard for lazy or ineffectual people but prefers to work with strong leaders. You also make a very good ‘second in command’.
  • You’re very prim, proper and a little straight laced.
  • Your tastes are slightly conservative.
  • You enjoy entertaining your friends and acquaintances with lavish diner parties. You like to be known for your social graces and ability as a host.
  • You also value security and have carefully planned for your future – nothing has been left to chance.
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