Purple Chair Pillars

Its time to sit up and take notice…

We’re a dynamic agency with years of experience. Being independent gives us the freedom to be bold and brave and create some really great work.

Strategically-Led, Creatively Driven

This is the philosophy that lies at the heart of everything we do. Our creative concepts are founded on thorough strategic insight which ensures we deliver coordinated campaigns that are always ‘on brief’.

Purple Chair’s creative talents are driven to furnish you with concise, inventive marketing concepts that always achieve excellent stand out.


By offering a full compliment of marketing services, Purple Chair guarantees to develop harmonized campaigns that deliver consistent branding throughout your advertising, direct mail, brochures, point of sale and other creative executions. By ensuring a coherent overall message across all disciplines we are able to maximize the results we achieve.

Simplicity, service, support

We understand that sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. We’re not here to confuse the issue or over complicate matters. We believe our role is to guide and assist you in every way possible by delivering a high quality hands-on service and fantastic creative solutions.

One of the reasons for our success is the ongoing support we offer. That means you’ll find we have a refreshing straight talking, honest approach and a policy of transparency that means you won’t get stung by any hidden costs. You can clearly see exactly how your marketing budget is spent.